Governments across the world should invest more of their resources to protect the environment than promote businesses and industry.

As everything in life is like a coin that has two different sides, people must weigh the pros and cons before jumping to conclusions. Governments should be aware to invest more to enhance society, in order to guarantee better future. Whether investing the government's resources to protect the environment or to promote businesses and industry, is an important question to be considered. I believe that investing to enhance businesses and industry is better for everyone; individuals, and government. I feel that way for two reasons which I will express in the following essay. First and foremost, investing the government resources to improve local businesses and different industry will increase the income in many ways. Needless to say, if the industries work more efficiently, that will increase the quality of their products which will increase the saling process. To illustrate more thoroughly, I have appliances factory in my country which produce stoves, ovens,and microwave. In the beginning, the quality of these products was not enough to compete with the international ones. Consequently, the government decided to enhance that by allocating more money to buy the latest machines. As a result, now these products are the best qualifies appliances in the market, and that became a crucial source of income for my country. On top of that, I totally believe that governments should invest more in businesses as this will create more jobs for individuals. There is no doubt that opening more markets will offer many spaces for new jobs. My own experience is a compelling illustration of that. two years ago, I decided to start my own business. The first thing I needed was to hire some people to work either in reception, secretary, cafeteria, and so on. I got the whole support from the government as it offered some facilities for young people to start new businesses like excluding taxes for the first 5 years. Therefore, I was able to start a new market that offers many opportunities for individuals to work. To summarize, I strongly believe that governments should support business and industry, in this way, they will have a chance to kill two birds with one stone. As that will increase the local income and will provide more jobs for populations. That is why I support that idea.
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