Everyone experiences being a leader at some point in their life. However, not everyone is good at leading others. What do you think are the qualities of a good leader? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, Everyone needs a leadership quality to solve some dilemmas in their daily life. actually, leadership is the crucial to each and every sector like in business, industries, educational institution, etc,. In my opinion, a good leader should has problem solving capability, responsible, honesty, visionary. To begin with, we know present societies are the heterogenous mixrure of the diverse people due to that some times there might occur conflict between different tribes. That might not solve by themselves and a good leader can play a convenient role between them and can help them to bring in harmonious state. I have a compelling example from my own country. Twenty five years ago, my nation was held on the internal voilence betwwen two large indigenous tribe, and that strive between them continued for a long time, after that one leader came to the national politics and he resolved that conflict. He settled down such dispute along with he convenienced both tribes and community bring back in to the harmoney. I believe in every leadership should have such a problem solving skills in the various sector that makes leadership is distinct from other. Secondly, the leader should be visionary as well as responsible toward the people because all the rules and regulations might be implemented by the leader. If they have a good foreseeing capacity, then the nation as well as various organizations moves tothe path of prosperity, and if they took responsiblity of each and every sector every companny and nation almost might successful. For instance, in the conflict between two groups in my country, the leader had not taken responsibility of settled down, they might have been sacrified many lives. By taking responsibillity, he made our country again peaceful and harmonious. Furthermore, If some problems are not resolved as soon as possible the consequences of that might be much more detrimental thats why leader must have envision. In conclusion, the leadership has crucial role every where thats why they must have envision, problem solving ability, responsible with these qualities our society might thrive with prosperity.
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