Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Human activity is making the earth a worse place to live. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Now a days in modern world many problems make an impact on the living condition of the world. Among them man made activities make it hazardous to live. So i am totally agree with the above statement and also like to add that not only human but also lackings of brotherhood among countries makes it more difficult for humans to live peacefully on earth. First of all, the tendency of industrialization among nations produce an environment which is not suitable for human. Due to industrialization the worlds environment become polluted rapidly. As a result carbondioxide increases in the air and the ozone layer around our earth ceases greatly. Not only Green house revolution flactuates the worlds temperature but also the length of sea level grow up spontaneously. Hence industrialization is required for the development of a country but it also brings up changes in the climate around the world which may be dangerous for our survival in the earth. Secondly, invasion of various technology makes the world more dangerous not only for human life but also for animals life around the earth. Through the discovery of atomic energy the world faced two world wars.Due to this invention two cities in Japan was destroyed within tip of the eye. Many more great destruction had been faced by the world in recent years due to atomic energy power. Though atomic energy was discovered to safe the human around the earth from negative powers but some evil minded administration use it for the destruction of earth. Everything has its negative and positive sides. Since, human activities has been used for the benefit of human but we should utilize these activities for the betterment of earth not for any destructive activities.
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