Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Technology has made it easier for people to connect on a deeper level. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There is no shortage of debate about whether technology helped people develop deeper connections or not. In my opinion, I strongly believe that evolution played a crucial role in bringing humans together. I feel this way for three main reasons which I will explain in the following essay. First of all, communication through different mediums paved the path for better bonding among sapiens. Having a higher brain size to body ratio helped people to think of innovative ways to make life better. For instance, in the olden days, it took a lot of time to convey messages through birds and letters, but with the advancement of devices, humans now are communicating easily and forming bonds with their loved ones. In addition, this induced substantial happiness in people's activity. To sum up, I think an emerging version of new technology helped people to bond more. Secondly, invention of various software devices helped the old people to overcome their insecurities. In addition, this new evolvement encouraged aged beings to live a long life. For example, Alzheimer’s has become a common disease in today’s world. People above 80 years are common predators to this malfunctioning of the rain. Inventions like “Alexa” are helping the old age people by reminding every-day activities. In addition, these equipment control and manage various activities at home, namely electric circuits, Television, and air controllers. On the other hand, they alert family, when old people are surrounded by danger. So, I strongly accept automation play a vital role in organizing human life when endangered to chaos. Finally, the wheel is a great invention that simplified life of the sapiens. The structure of the wheel encouraged and helped the human-kind to lay a path for innovations. To illustrate an example, it is a basic component in cars, bikes, airplanes, and many other vehicles which has movement. The airplane of all is the best invention which led to the development of the era. Moreover, it simplified life by providing a short cut to deduce time. Consequently, development in one area led to an improvement in another area. Either business meetings or to see loved ones, technology has created a deeper impact on human life. All in all, I feel that, the quote suits our current situation better, “Technology is the other of invention”. In conclusion, I deeply agree that advancement in technology created a virtual bubble around us and helped all the way to achieve our goals. This helped us to create a better version of ourselves which in turn entitled us to dream more.
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