Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading is more educational than watching movies or TV. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Owing to the advent of the Internet, social media, telecommunication, all the young people are attracted more toward entertaining elements that can be satisfied with movies or TV. This invention was made to make our lives easy but many of them used as passing time. To me, I firmly believe that reading is impacted more on young minds rather than watching movies or TV. People used to watch movies or TV when they want to break from your normal life or make fun. So, one wants to really need discipline then they should prefer reading. I feel this way with few reasons given below. First, Reading is a process that enhances our imagination power. Through reading, we can get profound knowledge about a particular topic or area. If people who are in the research field, wants to develop ordinary things then they have to first read and understand advance concepts from different published research, journal,or article. By doing so they can get ideas about what are the flaws in the previous invention and what they can add something new which results in a better invention. For instance, Eainstine did many invention in their life and all these possible just because he did studies well. Secondly, education is a necessity for a nowadays generation, since without moral education one couldn't get exposure and it remains are considered illiterate. The growth of any country is depended on how much the population of literate people. Moreover, reading is a basic skill that everyone ought to know. For example, when I was in college, my many friends used to read different languages' book to know about a different culture or learn new languages which were helped them a lot once they relocated to different countries because of the career purpose, Nonetheless, some TV channels also provide us knowledge and a wide variety of facts such as weather forecasting gives us the latest information about the weather, news channels give facts about what happening around the globe. Some people also, consider TV as a way of improvement. However, Today's generation is addicted to social media or movies and imitates their favorite actor's behavior which sometimes affects negatively. In the era of 21 century, these TV and movies' had lost the young generation's creativity. In summary, It can be said that reading is a more powerful and encouraging factor for discipline because it provides the ability to enhance our caliber, creativity, imagination power,and also, it connects us with reality rather than imitating others' behavior from TV or movies.
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