It is more important to keep your old friends than it is to make new friends

It is generally said that friends are needs and friends are true. No one can deny the fact that a colleague plays an indispensable role in everyone's life because without them we cannot enjoy the activity. In my view, keeping an old companion in our life could be more beneficial instead of aking new ones. Here, I will provide some reasons for my agreement in the subsequent paragraph. To begin with, old friends are like our family and we cannot make a new family as per our requirement. One thing I learned from my own life experience is that people made lots of friends in order to learn a variety of activities or some creative things, though whenever you need any help at that time only old friends come first. For example, in the era of 21st century, everyone made so many friends on social networking sites owing to the advents of internet yet, if you suffer from some problems such as a medical emergency that time you ought to call your old friends rather than putting the message on social media. Secondly, sometimes keeping old friends in our activity, make our growth enthusiastic, joyful and relaxed. When we feel stress and anxiety then we would prefer to go out with old or school friends because only they can understand what pressure had been felt. According to some studies, it shows that people enjoy more hearts with their friends instead their growth partner. Furthermore, our old friend tries every possible thing to make us happy and solve issues which we have been facing in the soul. However, nowadays the computation of making a wide range of friends is being increased because it would help people to be popular and famous in the world. For instance, many celebrities have lots of followers and friends, which makes them renowned in the world. Moreover, by making new friends, we can learn different languages and a variety of cultures. Suppose, friends from china and the USA facilitate us in understanding what culture and the believes they are holding. Nevertheless, these new friends would not help us, if we trap in some difficult situation. Sometimes these social media friends have used our emotions and take advantage to do fraud with us. In a nutshell, old friends can take care of ours as a family does. They can help us financially also if we had a scarcity of money. There are a few advantages of gathering new friends but the drawbacks of making new friends more overweight. Therefore, I firmly believe that it’s always important to keep old friends who helped us in every phase of the soul. As a result, we enjoy more activity with old friends.
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