young people should independent as early possible.

No one can deny the fact that the independence of any person makes them more responsible, experienced about different things, and eventually helps in intensifying their ability. It is my firm belief that explores adventurous tasks and enhances the growth in life people should be independent as early as possible. If I would ask about this, I would definitely opt for self-reliance from parents. I will develop my reasons in the subsequent paragraphs. First, the chief reason for the agreement of the statement is that the experience inculcates people to many risky and creative things which solely possible by the self-sufficiency of yourself. When you are independent of their parents, you would learn by themselves. You will try to figure out every possible way to learn and what is good or bad about your future. As it will advocate, you will get exposure from the world. For example, we all know about Mahatama Gandhi, who had played an indispensable role in the self-determination of India. He left his family at an early age to educated themselves, and after graduation,he took part in various marches to make India independent. Secondly, as independence gives the opportunity to take decision by own, people get advantages of this, which accelerate their performance in later. For example, when I was in college, I had a friend, who were not lived with their family just to learn different aspects of life, and his personality and college's grades report was far better than others and he had got the highest paid job in a multinational company at campus placement due to his capability to work in a variety of environment. However, when young adults leave their families at an early age, then they might suffer from heinous problems such as crime, robbery, anxiety, loneliness, etc. Whereby these problems, sometimes teenagers do suicide to get rid of these problems. Hence, it’s necessary to live with family to distract their selves from issues. Nevertheless, despite these disadvantages, I still believe that the advantages are much more. To sum up, for all of the points exposes above, the pros of the independence of young adults overweigh the drawbacks. Independence of children provides an iden horizons of the different people and countries which leads to improving their career and caliber.
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