Scandals are useful because they focus our attention on problem in ways that no speaker or reformer ever could.

The scandals have been imminent in political, academic to other fields. We have been shocked recently by Facebook Cambridge analytical data privacy scandals where millions of user’s data was stolen for manipulating political activity. In academic area, the college admission process scandal rich people bought admission for their children in elite universities. Such a big news can draws our attention to problem which we have overlooked. I agree with statement that scandals can serve to reveal large problem that society or community should address. On the other hand ,Scandals are also distract us from the major matter of society. First of all, Scandals play significant role in addressing such big problem which are overlooked by people. For example, the scandal in data privacy was not emerging suddenly due to malevolent activity of technology. We are using different mobile application in our day to day life and every application needs permission to resume. Once we granted permission all this application start collecting sensitive information from our mobile such as credit card information, personal photos, PIN number. So then some times this application will use sensitive information for misuses and such that this data privacy scandal may happen. On the other hand, scandals expose such issues and call for solution to preventing from happening again. Other characteristics of scandal is far-reaching influence. For data privacy example, use millions of user’s data for national or international political event will hurts whole population. Additionally, on hearing scandals in academic every one feels unfairness because the goal of education is to serve every one as equal. Therefore, right to pursuit knowledge get damaged .However, because of the communication technology like internet these scandals are wide spreading easily to the large section of society which is not possible by single speaker or reformer. Even on societal level, scandals can serve chiefly to distract from the major matters. For example, several year ago in my city ,the chancellor of a university expelled from office for misusing university’s funds to renovate their own residence. Moreover, this scandal distract university community from major issues of university such as affirmative action and campus safety, focus on education curricular etc. On the other hand this scandals also hurt the spirits of the people. For example, scandals in political may distrust people from government. People change their attitude and they less trust then before. Conclusively it can be said that scandals definitely bring attention to major issues. A scandals however ocus on what has happened and it is human nature to learn from past mistakes. Therefore, scandals not only expose social problem but also for collectively efforts on finding solution.
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