Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? it is better to give money to beggars on the street

There is no shortage of debate about whether it is better to support beggars with capital on the street or not to support them. In my opinion, it is more advantageous to give fund to the beggars on the street. I feel this way for two main reasons which I will explore in the following essay. First of all, people take up begging jobs when they are in desperate need and when they run out of options to earn pay. Some people strive hard to meet their daily needs, but due to unforeseen circumstances, so they end up being beggars. For instance, when I was ten years old, I was traveling back from my school to home which is fifty miles apart. I found a person laying on the ground at the bus station near school. In addition, his clothes were torn, he looked very weak and he was unable to get up. I felt the desperation of life in that person, so urged myself to donate fund and told him to use the capital for food and grooming purposes. He felt very happy and told me that he has been there for the past three days and no one helped him. Sometimes our good deeds transform lives. To sum up, it is important to focus on the help needed, rather than the result. Secondly, in countries like India, many old aged people end up on the road. It is difficult to work at that age keeping physical limitations in mind. Though the old people take up jobs, it is difficult to sustain the physical pain and strength for long. My own experience is a compelling example of this. I have met my uncle's father at an age of seven. He is very energetic and used to work in the electrical department at a public company named Bharat Electronics Limited. He is a renowned and well-earned person, but due to some clashes with his son, he lost all of the assets and wealth. By the time I was 22, he was 80. He is struggling hard with life to meet daily needs. His body no more supports physical work which led to begging on the streets. I was unaware of the situation until I had met him last summer. I have been helping him with some cash every month. This not only brought happiness but also made me empathetic and kind towards old. For this reason, I strongly believe that it is worthwhile to support the people in need of money. In conclusion, I strongly believe that it is the right thing to give cash to the people in need especially beggars. It gives hope in other's life and encourages them to live life.
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