Imagine you could improve the town where you live by changing one important thing about it. Which of the following would you choose to do? Build additional parks Construct more libraries Improve public transportation Use specific details and examples in your answer. Do not use memorized examples.

What I could do to improve in my town is build additional parks because I think that recreational areas are absolutely important; not only for children, but also for adults. Although public parks have more expenses for the government, parks help people relax for a while and enjoy the nature. One of the reasons why I could build additional parks is because they help people relax and breathe fresh air. For example, in my town there are many people who live in a small apartment, and I think that all of them should have a park nearby so they can go out to relax about important matters, such as work or child. Another good point is that people can use the park for quiet training around nature; Therefore, I would build some parks with training elements to motivate people to come more often. Another reason why I think that parks are very important for my city is because not only adults, but also children enjoy of them. For example, I would build a park which has a place for the children with different areas such as art, plays, and sports; whereas adults I would build a place with tables and chairs near them children so they can take care of them, and in the meantime they can enjoy the green space. In conclusion, building additional parks in my town are absolutely important since it takes care of the health of the inhabitants.
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