Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to go on a trip by oneself than to take a group tour with a guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Trips always make 's people happy and remove all there stresses . In my opinion,I prefer to go on a group trourwith a guide. I feel this way for few reasons such as a guide can takecare of me and I won't feel bored in a group which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with , a tour guide knows everything about the place and tell s us about the importance of the place in a detailed way. My personal experience is the compelling illustration of this.when I was twenty year old I visited Tajmahal in India with a group . It's an awesome place , it is the symbol of love and the place had massive history . Our tour guide explained about the architecture and story of the king shajahan and queen mumtaz and river Yamuna. We gained lot of knowledge about the place . With the help of tour guide we visited some surrounding historical places like Red fort which was in Jaipur and zoo park. Without tour guide it is highly impossible to me to know about the places , I could not make a successful tour. Secondly , everything about the trip was planned by the expert like about the food , accomadation , daily schedule which makes me so comfortable. For instance , our family had a group tour to north part of India, there most of the people communicate in hindi , my parents do not know the language . Tour guide took care of my parents about providing good accomadation . With the help of tour guide they could not feel like they don't know the language and it was new place to them . They had delicious and famous food in that place which was very yummy. For their age, tour guide is very helpful and they had no worries about food and accomadation. Finally , time passes soon if we are in a group . We won't feel bored . For example , my sister visited shridi baba temple which was ten hours journey through drive . She travelled with a group of friends , in that whole travel they played games , sang songs, chatting n joking , they had made lot of fun . My sister had a feeling of One hour journey . Only if we travel in group we never know the time . Additionally, traveling with group is inexpensive and I could plan more more trips in a year. I strongly believe that traveling with the help of tour guide is very important because I can know more about the new place, make new friends and save my money and no problems relating to food and accommodation. That is why tour guide makes trips easy and simple
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