Do you agree are disagree that older people should learn things like younger people

Life goes on with learning. Learning is a never ending process. Everyone gains knowledge by learning . I strongly agrees with the statement that older people should learn things like younger people . It makes them strong both mentally and physically and in the meanwhile they can become smart like younger people which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, now a days people rely on technology.Everyone using smartphones and laptops.For communicating with people they play a key role. People staying in different countries are communicating and they are not missing there loved ones because of this technology advancments. My personal experience is the compelling illustration of this. My grandfather who lives in India was a farmer . He don't know how to use smartphone . He loves me a lot .During my childhood I spend most of the time with my grand father . For every vacation I will go to my grandparents village and I will enjoy with them. After my marriage I came to America, my grandparents missed me a lot . My grand father purchased a smartphone and learned how to operate it. According to the English saying, where there is a will there is a way , learning process won't depend on the age. My grandparents and me communicate every day via zoom , now he learned so many things through smartphone like using calculators, taking photos and sending to other people. In this pandemic he did online purchases .learning about technology helped him a lot in this COVID situations. Secondly, learning new things make older people smarter like younger people. They can stay strong and healthy both physically and mentally . They can solve there own problems without depending on others . For instance my grand mother don't know how to drive a car . She always ask help from others . One day my uncle had a severe chest pain and no body was there at home to take my uncle to the hospital. My grandmother don't know how to drive , I was hard time she was crying for help because of time treatment my uncle expired .Because of this traumatic incident my grand mother learned how to drive a car .Now , in the town, she helps to so many people taking them to hospital s. Now she was very strong enough to solve her problems . She was running a driving school. Finally, doing physical activities like younger people make them healthy. For example, doing young, joking , dancing . They can forget their age and feels like young people and in the meanwhile they can stay healthy. In conclusion, I strongly believe that it is very important for older people to learn like young people which helps them to stay strong in both the ways mentally and physically and breading their knowledge. This is why it is very important for older people to learn new things like younger ones.
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