It is better for people to choose jobs that come with high salaries even though they do not enjoy doing it than to choose jobs that they enjoy but come with low salaries.

As it is said that life is full of enjoyment. And we should be happy all the time. In my personal opinion people should choose jobs that they enjoy even if it comes with low salaries rather than choosing jobs with high salaries that do not give enjoyment. I feel this way for several reasons which I will explain below. First of all, when we choose job that gives us enjoyment, we ultimately become blissful even though it does not have a high income. When we do work we should be fresh and do our job energetically. For example, people who like dancing and he is forcefully doing the job of the teacher as it gives him or her a high salary. Even if he has a high income he can not be happy at all. Because he is willing for another job that he is interested in and for now he is doing a job which givee him more money. He will not be interested in that job also he can not get more knowledge or skills that he is not interested in. Secondly, when we get a job which we want, we never get bored while doing it. However, it gives us happiness and enjoyment. We can also enhance our knowledge, skills by doing our favorite job. Money does not matter when it comes to enjoyment. Choosing a job that is not enjoyable can not be helpful in the success of humans. When we do work which gives enjoyment, it ultimately helps us to reach higher level. And when we reach at higher level, our salary also gets increases. Finally, when we choose job in which we are interested, it ultimately improves our personal life. As professional life has effects on personal life on human. It is very important to choose a professional life that is beneficial in personal life. The people can have negative impacts of work on their health. As the pressure of work gives the man some health issues like headaches, weight loss, mental illness etc. In conclusion, I believe that choosing a job that can give enjoyment is far better than choosing a job that can not give enjoyment even if it gives lots of money. Also some people might be argue that choosing job with high salaries is better.
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