Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Family and friends are essential part of each person’s life. We always try to spend our free time with these amazing people: hanging out with them, go climbing, cook something delicious together. However, there are many cases when we do not appreciate our relationship. For instance, in the century of technologies it is very important to determine does television have destroyed our communication between friends and family or does it help to make our communication in a better way. If I forced to choose I would consider that television destroys our communication because of the reasons that will be described in subsequent paragraphs. Firstly, tastes are different. Some members of family can prefer watching thrillers whereas others prefer TV shows. And turn on your favourite movie on your telephone or laptop and watching there is the easiest way to avoid conflicts. My mother fond of American series and when we are going to watch something together we always spend more time for choosing one general channel instead of watching television. Secondly, everyone is careless. It would be better to sit and talk for many hours with your family instead of watching television in a silent room without any emotions. My friends hate watching television because we have a better option: going sycling, having dinner, have a photoset, a party where you can spend time with your friends and talk about everything in the world. One of primary love languages in my relationship with my friends is a quality of time. So that is why we want to spend 10 minutes of sincere conversation instead of one hour of boring watching of television To keep in touch with the most flamboyant people in your environment you must dedicate some part of your life for taking care after them. Try to use words of affirmations to support each other, meet twice per month or more, plan your future trips and enjoy your life. Always remember that you must exclude distractions and build strong relationship with them. Do not allow television destroy it.
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