Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading paper materials is better than watching electronic devices to gain information. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Both the reading and the lecture discuss probable methods that Egyptians used to lift huge rocks. The text presents three methods and the discourse cast doubt on each of them by giving many arguments. First, the reading says that the Egyptians constructed ramps around the pyramid to help them move the rocks. However, the discourse states that this practice was probably not used by Egyptians because it is not useful. Also, the ramps require adjustment, and the spiral and other ramps have a problem moving rocks. Second, the reading section claims that the building materials were transported by using spiraling ramps built inside the pyramid. On the contrary, the lecture states that does not exist archaeological prove that internal spiraling ramps were useful. Moreover, this form was simulated by a 3D computer and this does not mean that it is a valuable practice. There is no way to prove the effectiveness of this method. Finally, the reading argues that the limestone concrete hypothesis is another possible manner used by Egyptians. On the other hand, the discourse says that this practice does not explain the shape of the pyramid. Also, is a very complicated method and was probably not used by ancient Egyptians. In conclusion, while the text discusses three possibles methods used by Egyptians, the lecture disagree with each of them.
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