Most people identify with a particular generation. What are the qualities or characteristics that define your generation?

My generations have many qualities, such as advances in technology, health and education developments, and many other features. However, I believe that freedom, social network, and COVID-19 are the main characteristics that define my generation. I feel this way for many reasons. To begin with, humanity never had a complete sense of right as we have now. For example, nowadays women and men can date their same-sex. Also, can get married and have children. This was impossible in the past due to the cultural, religious, and political moment. But, this is completely normal these days. Moreover, there is liberty in sexual relationships. For instance, people can have many sexual partners, and there is no need to marry or have a serious relationship. This is how works these days and is a remarkable feature of my time. Secondly, we live in a world marked by social media. You have a variety of applications that can maintain your connection to other people, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and many others. Everyone is connected to a list of one of these social networks. A lot of people are famous and well known around the world because of their social media. Moreover, many people survive and even become rich with the money that they get from that. Social networks move the current era. Finally, people from my epoch survived COVID-19. After many years of medical improvement against the critical diseases that devastated the world in the past, we were attacked by the virus of COVID. Due to the lack of knowledge and medical preparation to deal with the virus many people died. Most of the deaths were from our grandparents because they were too vulnerable to the disease. On the opposite, most of my generation is alive due to our age and better health condition. But, we can never forget what the virus did to our loves. Consequently, COVID-19 is also a characteristic of my time. For the aforementioned reasons, I believe that opportunity, internet community, and COVID-19 are the main characteristics of my era.
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