Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important to use the land for human needs like farms, houses, and factories than for saving endangered animals. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

We know, the Earth is the common habitat of every organisms, and people should aware about that even if we use all the land as farms or our single purpose at that time the ecosystem might detrimental and we might lose our identity from the earth. Personnaly, I disagree with the idea that people should need make their own activities without protecting the rare animals. I feel this way for a couple of reasons, which I will elaborates on the following essay. To begin with, environment is balanced only even if that is suitable to everyone like wild animals as well as acquatic creatures, otherwise it might be detrimental everyone. Benig wise and perceptive animal on the earth, the responsibility of maintaining equllibrium situation is the obligation of human being. If we extend our factories, industries , and activitiesto all lands, our surrounding as wll as the earth might be in the harsh situation. For example, we use lots of fossil fuels to run our vechiles, and to cook our food. Furthermore, we use frorest for our individual purpose by the clearing animals habitat due to this the amount of the green house gases has been increased in high level since last century. The temperature of the earth gradually rising and the polar ice capsare melting in soaring rate due to this the marine cities might be overflooded.I mean to make harmonious environment we should make a place for everyone in this globe that also ensures our future bright. Secondly, every creature plays vital role to make the earth suitable place to live everyone. There are lots oforganisms on the earth they have their own individual roles to make suitable habitat for everyone. For instance, snakes takes the poision from environment and makes less detrimental to survive other. Furthermore,Even if the snakes does not takes the such harmful chemical on their head, those dangerous chemical might casuse harm to the human health. In conclusion, I strongly believe that every living beings right to be on the earth must ensure by human being without captcuring all the land for their activities, which helps to balance nature and enhances the harmony of the environment.
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