Some people think that increasing business and cultural contacts is a positive trend, others think that it leads to a loss of social identities. Discuss both points and give your opinion.

The society is moved by arts and nowadays the industry is taking part on it. Some people thus, believe that is good to combine them, other thanks it will change the way it is. In my opinion, I think that mixing cultural and companies is a bad idea and it might loose its identity. I will explain my reasons in the following essay. To begin with, cultural contacts is expressed by art, it has to have a different look of perspective, showing emotion and essence. On the other hand, making it a business will require productive in a short period of time. Therefore, the final product from the artist can be without feellings and less perssonal. For example, a author from a book need to experience this book by memories or imagination, when it is interrupted the quality and enjoyment of the book will not be the same. Moreover, comparing the details from books to movies and they remake it, the books have much more details than the movie. Thus, doing culture things needs to be apart from companies. Secondly, Although the movies are a lot excited and made a lot of money, they do not have the essence like book books.
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