Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to go on a trip by oneself than to take a group tour with a guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, people are ambitious and they enjoy with varieties of indoor as well as outdoor activities. One of the most interesting outdoor activities is traveling. Some people enjoy to trip alone, and some enjoy with the roup along withwithout assistance. Personally, I believe that it's better to trek by taking a tour mentor. I feel this way for a couple of reasons, which I will elaborate on in he following essay. To begin with, a tour teacher helps us to elaborate small details as well as the mportance of the visiting place that helps us to acquire lot of knowledge about the roaming sites. It is important to know the ultural, historical essence of the places, where we visit. If we do not know about the vitality of the places where we visit, it seems to worthless. When we tour with excursion personnel at that point he makes each and every detail of the natural as well historical monuments. I have a compelling example of this from my own life experience. When I was a university student at that second we managed atour to the Pokhara without taking a tour guide. When we reached to Pokhara, we don't know anything about the fascinating places. however, we went to ome tourist places by asking local people but we could not know anything about the background and historical vividness of those places. Even if we had a sightseeing guide we could know everything about these magnificence and splendid places. This illustrates the role of a tourist guide is how vital. Secondly, It helps to save our money as well as moment, If we have a perfect visit official, we can not get any obstacle to find out the right path towards the visiting places. Even if we do not have a mentor we might be struggling to find a correct path that makes us disappoint as well as unnecessary frustration. For instance, last year my brother and his colleagues went to visit Rara lagoon, which is located too far away from our home town, and we need to take 3 days hiking to reach that pool. The path of consists mostly dense jungle and found rarely residential area. They started only by themselves towards the Rara pond, however, they missed the ways to reach the Rara reservoir. Finally, they walked extra five days and reached the destination. Even if they had a mentor, he might show correct ways to reach the basin and they could save their money as well as time. This shows importance of traveling with a travel helper is how crucial. In conclusion, I support to trip with good trek personnel because it is beneficial to gain knowledge as well as helps to save our valuable time.
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