Some people think that they can learn much more by themselves than if they work with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to get help from a skilled teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to support your choice.

There are many ways to get knowledge. While some people can learn on their own, most need professional help from someone else. Thereby, in my opinion, I think that it is best to get knowledge from teachers. Thus, I will explain my ideas in the following essay. To begin with, most people do not know how even to start to learn something. Therefore, it is really important to have someone to guide you through a subject. Although you could learn by yourself, it can be more difficult. Moreover, a professor has skills, know-how, attention, and know which source is best to achieve what is wanted. Indeed, a teacher can improve your learning better than anyone. For example, I was struggling to try to learn a determinate subject some time ago, and attend a class from a specific professor, I could get improved my knowledge in this area. Thus, a teacher may make our life easy. Secondly, professors had passed for the same process of growing knowledge. However, identify why we are doing the wrong needs to be from a person who had the same issues or had to learn it somehow. Furthermore, the experience comes with time, and teaches have much more time studying them who are starting. For instance, we can not compare the skills from a professor to a freshman in college, even though the professor to be a professor, had to be a freshman once in life. Then, a person has to get experience with another person. To conclude, with the above in mind, people must have teachers to learn. Therefore, their chance to have success will be bigger than trying to learning by themselves. Thus, having guidance increase the probability of being wise.
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