Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People in today’s world have become too dependent on automobiles. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

People locomote all the time. After created the cars almost everyone has a car and does not walk anymore. While some think that is convenient, in my opinion, I think our society is too dependent on vehicles. I will express my ideas in the following essay. To begin with, mobile vehicles are practical and can ride us fast and easy. Although some people do not like to drive, there are services which provide this kind of necessity. For example taxis and uber drivers, which allow a person a ride for a fear amount of money. Therefore, even if a person does not have their own automobiles, they can count on this ways. Moreover, there are other sources of transportation like buses and vans, which are less expensive. Thus, no matter how rich you are, you have a chance to go anywhere easily. Because of that people stop to go walking or even by bicycle. Secondly, even though there are other ways to other locations, automobiles are accessible and you not get tired. For instance , imagine a person who lives 15 miles away from their jobs and has to go to work every day, if they go by running or even bike, they must arrive there already tired. Therefore, vehicles make people being depending on them all the time. Indeed, it is necessary for us and the way our society is organized makes it the cause of dependence. Because we live far from places we need to go, do not have enough time to walk or bicycle, we must depend on cars. thus, there is no chance, when you will do something far or even closed from home, you must use a vehicle. To conclude, with the above in mind, automobiles are extremely necessary. Therefore, everybody will use it a lot of time and it will become automatically. Thus, it will be dependent on our society, since we have a lot of things to do and no additional time.
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