Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Education is needed for all of us. There are many ways that people can learn. While some think school is the best place to learn, others say that knowledge is best acquired from home. In my opinion, I think that the better path to learn is from a person's mother and father. I will explain my reasons in the following essay. To begin with, parents have a lot of experience and want what is good for their children. before we even speak they are who take care of us, giving us food, attention, and everything we need. Moreover, even when we go to school, are our parents who decide which one is better for us. For instance, a friend from mine did not have to go to classes before entering university, his parents taught him everything he needed and he enters through college as one of the best students. Thus, if his parents could teach him all across highschool they could go toward his education since knowledge is easy to get from internet. Secondly, before we have teachers and places to have classes, was our parents who taught us centuries ago. Moreover, After the internet was created, anyone can get information. Then, if your father knows how to use it well, he might instruct you on the correct path. On the other hand, when your parents do not have a high background in education, they probably will teach you only the basics. It does not mean that is bad but can limit you to find a good job. For example, my grandfathers had not an opportunity to went to college, then, they sent my uncles to college to make them even smarter. Nevertheless, the university that my uncles went through, was advised by my grandparents. Thus, the experience of our family must guide us to succeed efficiently. Thus, with the above in mind, to conclude, I think that parents are the best source of knowledge.Therefore, with their wisdom, they will make what is better for us growth. After all, they had passed for more them us and know what is best for we do not have much worrying in life.
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