Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In my country, young people have a better life today than their parents enjoyed when they were young. Use reasons and examples to support your answer.

To be alive is difficult in any generation from past to nowadays. While most believe that today is not complicated, some argue that the time passed was harder. In my opinion, I think that in the present we have the best opportunities than in the past. I will explain my reasons in the following essay. To begin with, technology has improved our forecast for life. With these news tools that we have today, our life had improved. For example, cars, tractors, trains, trucks, airplanes and any other source of transportation have allowed humans to locomote and transport anywhere and anything in a short period of time. In addition, getting food and medication all across the globe to almost everyone. Therefore, technologies provided by science made society prosper and better. Secondly, science, which year by year has discovered new paths to facilitate our lives. In the field of agriculture, for instance, the scientist has increased the amount of food produced in the same space of land. Moreover, in the past we did not have vaccines and cure for all diseases, nowadays the doctors had the answer for most cases in medicine. On the other hand, some scientists advise that because of our advantage in many areas, it might be creating new diseases. For example, this year we have the COVID-19 that is a pandemic crossing all over the world, although this disease appears killing millions of people, never before we are creating a vaccine in a too short period of time. Thus, Because of science and technology, even though we have a problem, we might have a solution fast. Then, with the above in mind, to conclude it is clear that nowadays life is better and more easily. Therefore, we have to keep the pace through the future taking care of the present always being thankful for the past. Nonetheless, The fact we have our lives better today is because of the people from the past.
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