Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to live in one town or city all your life than to move from one place to another. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

The world is home for everyone living here. While some people prefer to migrate during life, others would like to stay in the same place over the years. In my opinion, I think we should move time by time during our lifetime. I will explain my reasons in the following essay. To begin with, the fact to move over cities among we live mey offers us new opportunities. Moreover, our knowledge must increase as well. Although being always moving does not provide the chance to have deep social roots, it may allow you to meet a lot of people. For instance, I am a good example, I had lived in four towns since I was born and this gave me a lot of opportunities for education and jobs. In addition, I had a chance to learn two idioms different from my own. Therefore, going to another place is good for a lot of purposes. Secondly, the human being needs fresh air, then, changing the atmosphere must be needed. When a person left for another habitat, they may experience feelings that they never had before. On the other hand, these processes require courage because sometimes you have to start from zero again. But it is not bad, because your brain will be so happy. An example about this is that a friend from mine some time ago was depressed and she could not get out of bed for anything, then, the doctors say to her move to a farm or another city, so she did, and after a couple of days she moved she was fine. In addition, research from Kansas State University demonstrates that the ideal time for a person live in a determined location should not be more then five years. Thus, moving is a good path to renew our body and make us feel better. Thus, with the above in mind, to conclude, I believe people should always move to other places. Therefore, they will improve their life quality.
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