Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Famous entertainers and athletes deserve to have more privacy than they have now. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

A lot of people want to know what celebrities are doing. While participating in a game or a tv show, after that, these people must want to get rest in their free time. Anyhow, they maybe get their privacy corrupt by photographers or other people wanting to know what are they doing. I think that these artists need to have their time in their own privacy. I will explain my reasons in the following essay. To begin with, to be creative they need to have their space. In order to shift their potential to entertain people, a big part of artists have a process by themselves. Therefore, if they get their space interrupt, they might not get inspired. One example of that is artists from the circle, which whereas they do not have to practice, they will not have a good show to present. Thus, preparation is essential to those who work entertaining others. Secondly, after turn off the lights of the show, the athletes have to sleep, pass time with family, and training. Moreover, they have hobbies and like to do things like everyone. Imagine if they are in a dinner with family and someone gets their attention by taking pictures or "paparazzi" them, It definitely will be uncomfortable. On the other hand, they must have time during the job to give attention to their fans. Then, a equilibrate part of the time the famous should be working and some part doing whatever they want not be following. Thus, with the above in mind, to conclude, I truly believe that celebrities have to has their space. While it is really difficult, people need to understand that like us they want to be alone sometimes. So, balanced, they will have the past performance to us when they get back from their rest.
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