Some people think that they can learn much more by themselves than if they work with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to get help from a skilled teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to support your choice.

Love is an amazing feeling. It is important that people feel that. I agree that Laura is the love of my life. She makes me happy. She did many different actions to surprise me. I remember many moments why her: One day, she made a plan with clues in the Universidad de Medellin; where I had to find in different places notes with clues saying where is the next location. Those places had been specials for us when we were a couple. Another moment since 2018, when I had to travel to Spain to visit my mother because she was living there, and I missed her, for that reason, Laura made me a special box with photos to remember our relationship and she gave me the present in the airport when I was leaving Colombia. Furthermore, she was with me in hard moments. Laura was great support at that time: My grandfather died and I type grandmother's Laura telling the situation and she called me to say if I want to stay with her, she would go where I was. Besides, she helped my brother, Carlos Esteban, to study for the exam. At that moment, we broke up but she did not care to help my brother. In Conclusion, she did many actions for me and I notice, perhaps, she will be the only one to do that. I am a believer about all need love in this life.
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