Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The extended family (grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles) is less important now than it was in the past.

Family is the most essential thing in the world. Over the years the number of families had increased and appreciation as well. While in the present seems like each person has only a bit of care from their family, in special the older ones, if we look in a bigger range of years, we must watch that consideration had increased. In my opinion and with my experience, being respectful, I believe it still has an important value nowadays. I will explain my ideas in the following essay. To begin with, If we look through decades seems like this relation between families has decreased but looking forward to the paleolithic era that the structure of families was completely different, which no one cares for other members of the family, even their children. Moreover, in the present, we live in civilization and the principle of community is taking responsibility for each other, which makes all of us important in our families. In my family, for example, I know everyone and regard everybody. My parents had though me that family takes care of family no matter what. Thus, among the years and our social structure shows that everyone is important. Another point is how our society has an impact on our families and structure. The famous holidays like Christmas which allow us to meet all our family. This time of the years like everybody meets their parents and the whole extended family and makes us learn from them and have reverence for them and to them. On the other hand, when people do not have contact with their families, they might not learn how to love them and to be respectful too. Nevertheless, it rarely happens, in my own case and all my friends, knows if not all, most of our families. Thus, the contact and the fact to be present in some parts of the years make us take care of our families and love them. So, with the above in mind, I restate my opinion, nowadays people still having esteem for their families even the extended ones. Our families are the best match we have in life and we need to take responsibility for each other. Nonetheless, the fact we have contact with them naturally will make we have not only respect them but also love them.
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