Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? When people succeed, it is entirely because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with their success. Use specific reasons and examples to explain your position.

Most people want to have glory in their life. Instead, there is always the question that what is success for each of us? There are a lot of answers to this thinking but it is hard to determine which is correct. While some people belives that success has about with hard work or luck, I personally believe that it is a mix of both combined. I will explain in the following essay what I think is success and what I think should be done to achieve it. To begin with, Success is what makes you happy. Therefore, if you have a job that you do not like, you will not be happy and will not succeed. Moreover, nowadays to have a job you like, you not only have to be hard work, but also have to have luck to find one. For a good example, have just give a look at research made by UC Davis University of California, which shows that only two in ten persons like the jobs that they have and consider themselves happier. Thus, it is not easy to find the job you will like and even though you find by lucky, you must be hard work to keep it. Second, everybody today has to work hard instantly because if not you may be replaced by other people. Further, when you do what you like, normally you will be hard work naturally and will succeed. A good case about that is how a company in Illinois state promote their employes. After a year of work, all employees have to evaluate themselves and their colleagues. Inside of this evaluation has a score for happiness which has more weight to promote each of them to the highest position. As a result, not only being hard work matters, have to be luck and happy to be promoted in this company. Thus, to sum up, I believe that to succeed in life you have to have a little luck, work happy and be happy. The whole universe conspires to those who are seeking their dreams and will be always watching you and attend your prays. So, be hard work, be happy and your luck will appear from somewhere to you have success, glory, and anything you deserve.
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