A university education should include an internship or some type of work experience.

Most universities and colleges around the globe today include internship and work experience related courses in their study outlines, for they consider having knowledge for what future work and career would be like important in the development of students. These apply especially in some specific majors, which would require students to pass through a series of training and certifications before graduation, to ensure students with adequate ability to handle occupations with extra responsibilities and importance. These jobs usually have close links with the general welfare of the public, for example, doctors and lawyers alike. While some consider getting enough credits to graduate would be adequate for their future life, there are those who would have the ambition to hone their skills for a better place in society. That’s when these internships and work experiences come into play. These services, along with related courses attached to them, serve as a preliminary introduction for certain careers. Not only do these provide experiences, they are sometimes considered as a standard used in further employment. The more excelled you are and well- performed in these experience courses, the more likely you are to find yourself ending up in a higher position or a much more assuring and promising career once you graduate. Take my sister and myself for example. My sister is currently a resident in a hospital, which she sometimes needs to stay overnight on duty. Before medical students can graduate, along with four years of theory classes, comes the two years of internship. During this period, staying in a hospital and learning alongside a leading physician is required. Throughout the process, certain skill tests and exams are given out randomly and often, with the intention of simulating real medical treatment environments. In these two years, students are to acquire the skills and certain information to become a fully trained doctor, and after passing the final national exam, they may go on to apply at different medical facilities. The same goes for me as a law student. After graduating from the undergraduate program, one needs to pass the national exam for lawyers, prosecutors, and judges, before taking on the training courses for more advanced skills. To give us less pressure and raise the passing rates of the national exams, school work experience courses serve as necessary elements. These courses provide law students with insights of what future careers may possibly be, and certain experts may give out speeches and seminars to expand the horizons of students. With the global society becoming complexed and advanced day after day, competition also takes place in various fields. If you are not well equipped and mentally ready, then you are the one thrown behind by others who procure more success and achievements. Thus, take every chance available, and I would agree that university education should include internship or experience in the courses, especially for some majors. These are to consider an important factor when university studies are to assist students in their future development and growth.
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