Some people think that earning a high salary is the most important thing about a job. Other people think that doing enjoyable work is more important, even the job does not pay well. Which is more important to you: work that pays well or work that is enjoyable?

When it comes to jobs, people often consider them something that you will be doing and repeating for a lifetime, and is crucial for living. One needs to have a job to earn income, so as to support daily needs and necessities, along with a family to bring up. Since jobs play such an important role in life, one needs to consider carefully before applying. It’s not uncommon to see people change jobs randomly these days, but such action represents unstable income, and many still prefer to have a stable career to live through. There are many factors and elements to consider when choosing a job. Just like the question pointed out, some choose jobs since they want to earn lots of money and have a high income, while some on the other hand, would rather select jobs based on interests. Which one would be better? There’s actually no definite answer and it depends on many different points, including the growth process, their family values, the education they received, and the financial status of the person’s family. For those who would like higher income have a tendency of a hard upbringing, leading them to consider it important to earn more money, with hopes of turning the tides and provide better living conditions for other family members. But there are also those who focused primarily on their interests, no matter under what conditions were they raised. They would treat their interests as a stepping stone, and many would like to develop a career they truly favor. These people would prefer becoming entrepreneurs themselves and raising their own businesses. Some of these became world known businesspersons. Since I just graduated from university this June, I am still unemployed, but it would be crucial for me to think carefully about my future. Since I majored in law, there are two primary positions for law students, being a lawyer or becoming a justice or prosecutor in the legal system. There is always the trend that lawyers have more income then working for the government, but rather unstable. Due to the fact that I had a dream of fighting crime since little, I would rather prefer becoming a prosecutor, or even a justice. However, I would not rule out becoming a lawyer as an option, for the position of lawyers provides extremely important opportunities to accumulate experience by representing the clients in court, and many prosecutors or justices were once lawyers before being employed by the government. But, before all these, one needs to pass the national exam as the basic requirement. Another example would be my dad, who is a senior physician in a hospital. He has many chances to ascend to higher positions and earn more, but he cherishes his time with us family, so he declined many tempting offers and kept on to his regular routines. In conclusion, I think that both factors, high salary and interests, are both factors essentially and with great importance. With the society’s developments going on, one cannot turn a blind eye on any of the two factors when it comes to jobs. While one wants to earn a fortune, they would wonder if the job really suits their needs and is comfortable or not; In reverse, when one enjoys his or her job, they still cannot stop wondering if they could make end’s meet for this cycle before their salary was given out. Though in the consideration process, an individual may concentrate more on a certain factor, but they could never rule out the other one, for it has become necessary to consider and ponder on a lot of many things that may influence the rest of your life before applying and working.
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