Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading paper materials is better than watching electronic devices to gain information. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadays, there are lots of materials to gain and enhance cognitation capability of people. Everyone needs to enhance their ken of knowladge by reading books or by watching videos as well as reading electronic version of material. Personally, I strongly believe that reading printed materials are superior than learnig from electronic gadgets. I feel this way because of two reasons, which I will elaborates in the following paragraphs. To begin with, printed sources of knowledge are reliable than that of online material as well as information obtained from electronic appliances. The material on the electronic sources can be edited by anyone from any corner of the globe. They might or might not qualified academically due to that reason, it may have been contained more errors than that of paper material.I have a compelling example of this from my own real life experience. Last year, In my office , during staff meeting I presented a presentation, which was cited from an online article, that became bogus information and I felt ashamed in front of all workers. Even if I had red the book or any other printed material, I would not have been ashamed in front of all staff. This example demonstrates that sticked in online resourses might be detrimental and it might reduced our status in our daily life. Secondly, the reading papers and book contains specific details, however, the most of the online and electronic site contains only surface and superficial knowledge. For instance, last month I wrote an article on the topic of superconductivity and most of data and facts cited from a book, which contains profund knowledge of superconductivity, due to that I could write a insightful and knowledgble article. After that I saw some electronic sites I just found only little things as well as surface knowledge. This demonstrates that the printed resources are larger and contains each and every details but the electronic materials encompasses tiney parts of depth on that subject. In conclusion, I believe that printed materials are superior than that of electronic version because thepaper version are genuine and contains lots of details.
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