In some culture the old age is more valued, while in some culture youth is more valued. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The elderly as well as young people are given importance as per the tradition of ones. Young people are significant in one society whereas elderly people are respected in other communities. From my perspective, both group of people should be equally valued and respected. Firstly, old people have lot of work experience and skill. They have known the flaws and fawns of the life. Elderly people have gain lot of knowledge. In some community, old people are leader because of their experience and tactful behavior. In Nepal, old generation are respected as well as praised. In some of the profession, aged and experience are chosen rather than young and fresher. Thus, this implies that elderly people are valued in some culture and tradition. On the other hand, I believe that young people are energetic. They have strength and intelligence than that of old. When we do comparison according to age, young people are better in every aspect. For example, there is a football competition in our college between teacher and student last year. Also, football is about strength and stamina so they have to run in order to make a goal. In this match, student win the game through their newly technique and skill. Similarly, young generation are evolving day to day in every sector. They got a new ideas and plan for different innovation. We can outline this through the history to the current situation. There is development in every context either it is enhancement in education, health or communication. There is invention in every aspect so that human life becomes easy and comfortable for the survival. In conclusion, I agree that both group of people have their own importance so, each and every people should coordinate for better society. Young and elderly people should collaborate and make the earth a better place to live.
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