Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better for people to choose jobs that come with high salaries even though they do not enjoy doing it than to choose jobs that they enjoy but come with low salaries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Work is an important thing in life by which we can satisfy our passions and at the same time we can use it as a tool to gain money which we need to buy our needs and our family supplies. This means that there are two ways to choose your work.The first one is to select the job you love whatever the salery is.the second way is to work in any job that gives you much money so you will be able to satisfy your needs even you hate this job. On my opinion, Choosing a job with low salary but you love it is better than selecting a job with high salary but you do not enjoy this job. I have several reasons for my opinion which I will illustrate now in this essay. In the beginning, Working in a job you love it will help you grow faster and take great positions in this work,and will help you graduate rapidly.As a result, Your income will increase also which means you will have the chance to collect the two advantages if you worked hard and used your passion to show all your strong points in this work. My personal experience is totally agreed with this point of view. Five years ago, I was working on a computer campany as a frontend designer.I was loving my work as I become much happy when I design websites which is the core of my job. On those days another company proposed to me to work with them but in another field.Surpriesongly, The salary was the double of my recent salary on my original company.Actually, I was confused and was not able to make a decision as I was harshly needing money in this time.But I decided to stay work on my place and gived my job all my effort. Accordingly, My company decided to award me and increased my salary.As a result, I could stay working on my favorit feild and could gain more money on the same time. Secondly, You stay on your work a lot of hours which means that if you do not like it this will be reflected on your mental and physical health.on other words, You will buy a lot of money trying to overcome the healthy side effects on working on just a boring job. For instance, My brother was seriously needing money as his son wanted to participate on a club which needs a lot of money to be a member on it. So, He decided to work as a truck driver for a period of time to save this amout of money even he hate this job. Unfortunatly, He become depreesed and could not continue on this job.Additionally, He lost his main job because of his mental health. In conclusion, I ardenaly assert that you should choose a job you enjoy even it has a low income more that working in another with high salary but you do not like it.This is because working in the job you have passion for will give you the choice to gain more money on the future and because it will raise your mental health and make you enjoy your life more.
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