Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Schools should invest more on sports and athletic fields instead of the campus libraries.

I can see why some might feel that making a decision alone is essential. On the whole, however, it is my opinion that a person whenever wants to make a decision it is necessary to share with others to take suggestions ad feedback from them. This piece of writing will explains my views in more detail. First of all, I reasonably sure those who have experience and older than us they can give us more accurate suggestion, in order to we become succeed in our decisions. Recently I read an interesting article about this subject. According to what I read 45 percent of people who share their decisions with experienced one are more successful than who are not or with older ones. In the article also mentioned that experienced people would direct them in an effective ways with potential sucesss. In addition, I pretty sure that whenever we want to reach our goals it is always a key element of success to share our decisions to our coaches or consolers. In my experience, it is impossible for us without suggestion of coaches or directors we come to our peak goals. To give an example, five years ago, when I was graduated from school it was important for me select a field for my future career. Unfortunately, my father was unread person the only way I had was to contact with my school consoler once I shared it with him which he was a professional person then he suggested me to choose economic as result of this now in I am successful in my career. To give another example, when I started to prepare for TOEFL at first it was hard for me to come out; therefore, I took a coach which he helped me got high score. All in all, for the reasons given I think sharing a decision with others like experienced, older, consolers, coaches or essential for everyone when they want to make a decision. In the future I will share all my important decisions with someone who have experienced or older.
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