Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The knowledge we gain from personal experiences is more valuable than the knowledge we gain from books. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Do not use memorized examples.

There is no shortage of opinion on which way is better to improve our knowledge. In my opinion, I strongly agree that the knowledge I got from my own experiences is more priceless than the knowledge I got from books. I feel this way because of two main reasons, which I will explore more in the following paragraphs. First of all, the knowledge that writen in the book usually not up-to-date to current situation. My personal experience is the best example of this. When I started to build my own start-up company, I read many business books to enrich my knowledge about business and leadership. One of my favorite book is Startupedia, a book that guide me to create foundation for my start-up, including method for finding co-founders, start-up exit strategy, and marketing plan. When I started to implemented all the book taught me on my start-up, turns out that the results that I got is different than I was expected because the marketing strategy that the book suggest is no longer suitable in current days. So, I need to research on my own, which marketing platforms that effective to current condition. By doing that, not only I can create marketing framework that suitable for my start-up, but also I can improve it to be adaptable to the recent condition. This action succesfully increasing my start-up customer engagement by 750% in one year. Secondly, people tend to remember easier when they experienced something on their own instead of taught to do so. Drawing back from my own experience, I chose Computer Science as my major when I was in the university, and when it comes to the exam, I found it very hard to remember all the material and the syntax from the textbooks. However, when I started to build an application on my own, I could remember all the stuff that I was struggeled to remember when I was preparing for my exam. Moreover, I could easily spot the mistakes I made and solved it without felt overwhelmed like I did when I try to learnt it from text books. This example demonstrates why people tend to remember experiences than lesson in textbooks. To sum up, gaining knowledge from my own experiences is way more priceless than just learning it through books. I believe this way because the knowledge writen in the book usually already old and also I tend to remember the knowledge I got from my own experiences instead from books.
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