Many people are shopping online today than ever before. Why do people choose to shop this way? Are there any disadvantage to shopping online?

Online shopping has become a trend nowadays. Many people are fond of shopping either through internet by using various website. The main reason for the online shopping is advancement in technology and behavior of the individual. In the other hand, Internet use are increasing day by day. People buy a time for online shopping from their busy schedule. This is possible due to advancement in communication and invention of mobile. I am using a website like amazon, prime and so on shopping website for buying an items by sitting at home. I am able to buy a lots of item through window screening on the website. Although, it makes life comfortable which indirectly increases the sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, people become lazy and apathy in their day to day activities. On the other hand, there is a lot of pessimistic in online shopping. People spent their time and money in unnecessary and virtual items. Despite of excess expenses, people feel pleasure in buying unnecessary item. Moreover, the items supplies sometime include a damage piece or the items shown on the site will be different. Last week, I bought a dress in pink color but when I get it, the design and color seem different. It does not look like a dress that I have ordered. Though, the payment was already done and they do not get the items on other color. Thus, this indicate that online shopping is ineffective as it increases the expenses and the product became useless. In conclusion, I agree that online shopping has a lot of disadvantage. It will increase the expenses as well as people become lazy in day to day activities. This will ultimately affect the human behavior.
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