Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to work as a team than as an individual to succeed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There is no shortage of opinion on what should the university prioritize to allocate funding. In my opinion, I think it is not a good idea to allocate more money on the sports and athletic facilities instead of campus libraries. I feel this way because of two main reasons, which I will explore more in the following paragraphs. To begin with, campus libraries are the best place for student to study for their exam and finish assignments, so it should be comfortable and having high-end equipments. My personal experience is the best example of this. When I was still in the university, I had a hard time to find a place for me to work on my thesis. I found the campus library is the most suitable place for me to do it because it has so many books and official journal created by campus lecturers that are useful as archetypes of my thesis. However, the internet connection in the library is slow. On top of that, the facilities like the computers is very old, so I could not install some new applications that is useful for my thesis. Because of this problem, I needed to use my own portable wi-fi devices and bought a new high-end laptop, which is not comfortable and required an extra cash. This example demonstrates why I supports to prioritize campus libraries for funding priorities, rather than on the sports and athletic facilities. Secondly, it is better to rent local sports and athletic facilities instead of enhance it with big amount of money. The university should be the place to learn about things related to academic. It is nice to has sports and athletic facilities, however, it is not a wise thing to furnish it with enormous allocation of funding because it is not the main goal for the universities. On top of that, by renting local sports and athletic facilities, for example, local soccer stadium in the city, the university's soccer team could meet another soccer player to practice together with. It is always good to have real opponents instead practicing with the same players of the team. To sum up, I believe it is wiser to allocate funding to the computer libraries rather than sports and athletic facilities. I believe this way because for me, the campus libraries are the perfect places to study and also will improve the university's athletes ability by meeting with local teams at the rented sports facilities.
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