Imagine that you have been asked by your supervisor to work with one of your co-workers on a project. This co-worker has opinions that are very different than yours and they feel very strongly about these opinions. Do you think this is a good idea? Use reasons and examples to support your answer.

I can see why some might feel that going regular gym and making regular checkup are a good way to stay healthy. On the whole, however, it is my opinion that there are more effective ways to be stay healthy. This piece of writing will discuss my views on this topic in more detail. First of all, taking fast especially during in summer is a great way to become healthy and stay healthy. Recently I read an interesting article about this subject. According to what I read taking fast during the months of summer cause to wipe out a lot of disease such as cholesterol, diabetes, and etc. in human body. The article also mentioned that people who regularly take fast are sick 47 percent less than people who do not. In addition, I think that walking regularly is one of the best, easy, and cheapest ways to stay in good health shape. In my experience there are many places people can walk out such as parks, house’ yard etc. without spending a single penny. To give an example, five years ago, my cholesterol level in increased in high level, therefore my doctor recommended me to walk regularly, fortunately there was a park near my home; therefore, I decided to start walking because going gym was expensive for me I did not have enough money. The affordable one was park it was easy and done it so benefit. For me did not a single penny cost. As result of this, my cholesterol and diabetes level decrease dramatically now I am healthy. All in all, for the reasons given, I think walking regularly and taking fast that are good for me and are the best ways to stay healthy. In the future I will take fast during summer and walk regularly.
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