Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Reading paper materials is better than watching electronic devices to gain information. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Gaining information is a very necessary way to increase your knowledge as we are now in a competetive society which demands to have a high number of information to be able to fight in the race of development. I think that watching electronic devices helps to have more information than just reading paper materials.I have several purposes for my opinion which I will discuss now in this essay. In the beginning, Watching electronic devices gives us a great scale to find information more than using paper materials as we can use Internet which contains a variety of resources which means we will be able to choose from different sources and compare between them to reach the most right information which we search to find it. For example, Seven years ago I was having an exam in my college and I ought to make a research for a specific topic which I have no previous knowledge about it at all.At first, I went to the college library and searched for a book in this subject.After fining a reasonable one I started reading it and try to gather the demanded information,Unfortunately, I could not collect suitable information for my research.Additionally, the time for giving the research to the professor was about to be finished.So, I decided to use electronic device and used it.Hopefully, I could find a lot of information regardless to my research topic and was able to finish it in a very short time. Secondly, Using electronic devices in much cheaper than paper material as you can read hundreds of free books through electronic devices without having to buy them.So, You will be able to gain information in low cost.As a result, Students, will have the ability to reach high level of education and gain knowlege without needing to spend a lot of money on buying paper materials. For instance, When I was in my high school I had a passion to know more about history.So, I went to the booking office to buy a book about the history of Egypt but it was so expensive that I could not buy it and returned to my home very sad.I think that there are millions of poor students in the world who can not buy a lot of books every year and such an electronic device which my be given from there schools will be an affordable choice to overcome this problem. In conclusion, I am against the point of view which thinks that reading paper materials gives more information than just watching electronic devices.This is because electronic devices have more resources which we can read from it and compare between them and because it is cheaper than buying books.
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