Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to work as a team than as an individual to succeed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Working gives the person the feel that he is important for society and he is one of reasons that make the whole community be better and increase the economy of his country. This is because feeling that you are a part of a great team makes you more confidant and think that you are a part of the prodactivity process. There are two types of working. Individual work, in which you will work alone in a specific project. As a result, You will be the only one who is responsible for everything in this meassion. The other type is working in a group. Accordingly, You will be a part of a great team.So, You will be respossible for a single task and will communicate with other persons in the team to integrate with each other. On my point of view, I think working as a team is an affordable choice and I have several evideneces to my opinion which I will illaburate now in this essay. At the beginning, Working as a team helps to exchange experiments, knowledge and informations between members of the group. So, This will be a mutal benifets between each two members. For example, Five years ago, I was working in a company as a front end web developer. I was fresh graduate which have no previous experiance at all.Hopefully, I worked in an awesome team which have a lot of helpful persons. Accordingly, They helped me know every thing that I need to know and gave me all informationes I needed So I was bleesed and was able to finish my work with them. Additionally, The next time I could make my work faster and in a perfect way. Secondly, Being one of a team makes the workers feel that they have a perfict relation with the company as it helps creating new relationships between persons in the place of work. For instance, My brother was a one of a team in his previous company and he could make a good relationship between number of members in this team,So, When he was givin a better offer from another company to work with, he decided to stay in his company because he loves his freinds and his team. This means working as a team gives the company a soul of collaboration which makes the person feel that he is in his home not his work. In conclusion, I have two reasons which makes me prefere working with group of people that working alone.These is because working as a group helps exchangeing experiements and becasue it helps making good relationships between members of the group.
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