Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Living today is more comfortable and easier than when your grandparents were children. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

During the past two generations, the world has changed dramatically. As we know, our grandparents had different lifestyles compared to us. Because of the gap between the two generations, many people question whether living today is better than living in our grandparents' time. I strongly agree with the statement for two reasons and will elaborate further in this essay. First, the entire world was in international chaos in the early 20th century. Especially from 1929, the world went through the darkest moments of its history called the Great Depression. Because of the gigantic economic bubble, people went from living in abundance to falling in the abyss of poverty in such a short time. Shortly after, the World Wars caused millions of casualties. This period is evaluated to be the darkest and chaotic moment in history. Compared to then,the current society is in international harmony and connection. Every country has the goal of cooperating and developing as a whole global society. With decreased probabilities of global catastrophes breaking out, this certainly is a reason why today is better than the past. Secondly, the progress of medical technology is better compared to the past. Just by looking at the medical standard from back in the day proves that our current quality of life is highly improved. Today, we are very close to curing Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, both of which caused impact in the lives of the past generations. Before such progression, the early 20th century were in constant combat against life-threatening virus infections and diseases. There were no antibiotics until the discovery of penicillin in 1928 and the world barely started to fight critical antigens. After long periods of trial and error, methods of surgery improved as the notion of sanitation was prioritized. The historical progression of medical technology made us healthy as we are today. Without it, we would still suffer from the health problems that our past generations had experienced. In conclusion, I believe that it is preferable to live in the present day than in the past due to the relative quality of life and medical technology. Although there are voices that argue the past is better because of the drawbacks of contemporary technology, it is essential to know that the quality of living is significantly better today.
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