Which had an easier life, you or your grandparents ?

It is critically important that we admit that our grandparents had a harder life than the one we're having, personally, I believe that they had to do everything themselves then but it's totally the opposite for us, I feel this way for two reasons which I will explore in the following essay. To begin with, our grandparents didn't have the technology that we currently have, they had to do everything manually, on the other hand, we are assisted at everything, even writing a letter can be done through sending a simple email in minutes, my personal experience is a compelling example of this, Two years ago my grandparents asked me to visit them, I was very excited to see them as It was long since I last saw them, first thing I noticed is that they grow their own fruits and vegetables, as silly as it seems, it wasn't something I was used to even though humans lived like that for years, same thing for milk and pretty much everything, their life seemed to be a lot harder than mine. Moreover, our grandparents lived in a period of many problems, starting from word wars to famines, they had to make a lot of sacrifices in order to stay alive let alone have an easy life, we live in a relatively peaceful era, water is always available while it wasn't in the past, for instance, my grandparents always mentioned the lack of water in the past, with the lack of water comes the lack of fruits and vegetables which were two essential elements in the past, currently, we have pretty much everything in the supermarket but health-wise our grandparents are surely much healthier than us because of the hard life they had as children. To conclude, technology made our life much easier than the one our grandparents had, world problems also contributed to that as they survived famines and world wars.
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