Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing computer games is a waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Playing is an affordable hobbit that helps to raise mental and physical health by increasing knowledge and experiments. This happens because when child plays he could learn new skills that help him to know more about himself and his own world also.Consider that your child plays a specific game he must learn its rule and must know how to play it in the correct way this will increase the child ability to be adaptable to following rules in general. Playing Computer games has mutual advantages and disadvantages also, But in my opinion advantages are more than drawbacks. So I think that it is a good choice to let our kids play them under specific conditions. I have several reasons for my point of view which I will illustrate now in this essay. In the beginning, Playing computer games increases the ability to deal with computer in general and this will help our kids to be more professional and know more information about computers, Consequently this will make them has an awesome knowledge on the computer world. My life experiment is totally agreed with that.Twenty years ago I was a child and my parents brought a computer for me this computer had only one game, my dad, bight it for us and when I was using it I learned how to open and close the computer.Additionally, I knew how to open folder that has the game, As a result I learned a lot about the computer itself. Secondly, Children Can encourage be this tool, As it could be used as a prize or even a gift if they made there homeworks for example or if they behavied in a proper way with there brothers and sisters. For instance, I used to make My daughter play just have an hour daily with computer games if she finished what she must do and completed its to do list , So I found here trying to do every thing in a perfect way to be able to take her time and play her favorite computer video game. Finally, I understand parents' fears for the drawbacks of video games but we can overcome them by limiting time used in playing and making breaks for our children. In Conclusion, There are a lot of advantages of letting young play computer video games as they increase there overall knowledge and it also encourage them in their daily tasks, So I completely agree with allowing our kids play them.
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