Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is better to work as a team than as an individual to succeed. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Working is a fantastic thing that all of us need to have as it is better for all society and helps makeing the environment better. Working has a lot of benfits for individuals as it is the source of gaining money which helps them buy there needs and there family supplies.It is also very important for the whole society as it makes the community gains more profit which increases the econemy and consequently raises the country level between other countries. There are two types of working. You can work alone or you can work with a group in the same project. I think that working in a group is afordable choice and I have several pieces of evidence to my point of view which I will illustrate now in this article. First, Working in a group helps in exchanging experiments, thoughts, and ideas be speaking with each other and changing the life and work experiments. My personal experiment is totally agreed with that. For example, Five years old I was a new member in my first work.I was a front end designer who is responsible for makeing websites. Consequently, I did not have any previous knowledge about how to make a complete website as I was a fresh graduate. But, working in a team helps me learning from seniors in my team and this makes me more confidant and increases my knowladge. As a result, I could take the reasbosabilty of bigger projects the next time. Secondly, Being one of a team makes the relationship between members in this team be stronger which means they will feel that they are one group which share success and fail also. Additionally, It helps making new friendships. For instance, My daughter is just six years old and she just participated in a new school. she joined the basketball group and this helped her feel that she is one of this team and made her able to make new freinds which will help my little angel to be more connected to her new place. In Conclusion, It is awesome to be a part of a team this is because it makes you able to have more informations, knowledge and success and becauseit makes you have a strong connection with your place and making new friends.
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