Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? in twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today, use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

A car is a common tool for us in our life. Some people need cars to earn money, and others drive cars to somewhere they want to go. Because of convenience and time saving, the number of cars has increased since the past. However, I agree that there will be fewer cars in service than there are today in twenty years due to the developed public transport organization, the capacity of the living area ,and environmental problems. The public transit system has been constructed completely in twenty years. For example, The M.R.T. of Taiwan increases a lot of routes and stations in the cities, so many people prefer to take public shipping rather than driving a car. In addition, the high-speed rail system and the airplane have shortened more time than we drive cars. As the number of buildings and houses is increasing more and more, our living space has become smaller. Some people consider that the number of parking spaces in the cities has decreased. Besides, the renting price of the parking lot is too high to pay for it. It’s difficult for people living in cities to buy a parking distance. Finally, there is a critical environmental problem in our life. The increasing carbon dioxide emissions have caused global warming severely. If we want to keep a good climate for our descendants, we can choose to walk or ride bicycles rather than need cars. Therefore, I think that we have fewer cars in twenty years than we have today. To sum up, the developed public transit scheme, the capacity of a living spot,and environmental problems may influence our habits of using cars. I agree that in twenty years there will be fewer cars in handling than there are today.
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