Some people think that increasing business and cultural contacts is a positive trend, others think that it leads to a loss of social identities. Discuss both points and give your opinion.

Nowadays, business and investments have become widespread beyond the national borders leading to social interaction with different cultures. I favor such diversity because this brings financial stability, while the critics feel that this would cause declining local cultures. There are many reasons why business development and cultural exchange occur when dealing with people outside the locality. Firstly, Some products are highly profitable when sold outside a country. Technology gadgets and clothing fashions have high values in the international market, and that is why the USA made iPhone mobiles are more profitable in Asian countries. Simultaneously, the Chinese have controlled the west market in its cheaper electronic accessories and clothing. Additionally, some locals and entrepreneurs tend to visit and explore different cultures and learn foreign languages to introduce their products in the international markets. As a result, the harmonious relationship builds globally, refraining people from conflicts and wars. That’s why business exploration brings positive outcomes. On the other hand, such business movements result in the adaptation of foreign languages and traditions, which devastate the host culture. People forget their rituals, norms, and even their native language leading to loss of cultural identity. In other words, they handed over a new lifestyle to the next generation. Western culture dominancy in Asia is a clear example where the parents modernize their kids in western ways by speaking English, wearing western clothes, and attending night parties. To conclude, I believe that the interconnected world makes the economies stronger and brings peace; however, this is advisable to keep alive our local traditions as these are the assets of our past generations.
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