Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Smartphones have caused more harm than good to our society. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In the present era, information has significant values and plays a crucial role in the modern society. I believe that the smartphones are beneficial and has lots of advantages rather than its disadvantages. Smartphones are the source of information in these days and It helps to prevent our society from different catastrophy. First of all, In my opinion smartphones are the great source of information in the contemporary society because it helps to distribute varities of news in our circle as well as helps to get news from govermental agency. Cellphones are inevitable parts of our daily life. For example, Last year, the global pandemic covid-19 had been break out to many countries in the world, which is human transmitted disease. If you get contact with a infected person, you would have infectious. At that time, many countries used contract tracing from their phones, and they found those person who has been exposed with the infected person. After that they managed isolation to those person from which the corona virus came under control. Even if there was no smartphone, it might much harder to control that fatal virus because of lack of information. This example demonstrates the improtance of the phones in the current society. Secondly, the smartphones are the best things to inform and control, when natural as well artifical disaster came to our scociety. If a strom is coming near by the coastal area at that time the government might circulate to reamin alert to their people, and If somewhere is firing house the people can inform to cut of the electric line in that area, from which we can save lots of lives with property. I have a compelling example on this from my own personal life. When I was elementary school at that time firing was occuring nearby village and it was spreading from electric short and it completely damage whole village with 10 people along with millions of property. If there was a uses of smartphones anyone could call the elctricity office and they cut down the line and the effect of disaster might be mitigated. This illustrrates the smartphones how much powerful to circulate information and minimize the effects of disaster. In conclusion, I strongly believe that smartphones are crucial to us because it is a source of the news and helps to reduce effects of different catastrophe.
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