Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? in twenty years there will be fewer cars in use than there are today, use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Cars are the most important transformation method exist these days, and in twenty years some people think that there will be fewer cars than now, this essay will discuss that after twenty years the cars will still be used like in our days now: First until now with all the inventions, the inventors couldn't find a vehicle that can be used instead of cars, all the new things are more expensive, will not be easy to buy them and they faced other problems, for example, the flying cars their cost are high and faced problems with how they can regulate the traffic, so they found that the flying cars are not a good invention to replace the cars with, on the other hand, the cars are cheap enough to make the person own one or maybe more than one easily so we can't replace the cheap one with a more expensive one. Second, the population is increasing day by day and the family not being enough by having one car each one own a car because everyone is working and needs his own car and the public transportation is tiring no one chooses to use it and the cars are making the purpose of transportation perfectly and a new version of cars are being existed every year, so their time hasn't ended yet, to make that more clearly more people will need more cars so from that point I see that the number of cars will increase not decrease. In conclusion, this essay states that the cars in the next twenty years will continue to be the first transportation method used because of people doesn't find any other suitable method to replace cars in it and more cars will exist in the future due to the growth of population, in my opinion, we will need more years to make the number of cars decrease or to be replaced gradually we will need maybe one hundred years.
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