Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is beneficial for the public to know celebrities’, such as musicians’ or sportsmen’s, political views.

Everyone has the right to keep secret their personal trait as well as their private opinions. I believe that public epitome like an entertainer, athlete's political views should be kept secret. This because they are revered, a social person even if they reveal the political views toward a particular party, the public might see them as bias and their reputation down. Also, they might not try to make a perfect unbias opinion to all. First of all, sportsmen and singers, actors are the revere person and example of an ideal person of society. If they fascinated by any political view then all people may not respect and believe. I have a compelling example of this from my village. Rabindra is a former national football captain and won many national, international trophy during his tenure. After retirement, he returns back to the village then everyone admires him, however, In the last provincial election he engaged with the communist party, and he runs to lure vote for a candidate of that party. Most of the villagers know that the candidate is a bad guy. Then many people do not respect him as an athlete and see as a member of a particular party. Even if he did not reveal his political view and remained apart from direct involvement in that election his prestige might have not down. This demonstrates that these people should keep secret their political views. Secondly, if these people involved in the political view and reveal the political opinion towards a certain party they could not make a good just in society. They talk about specific thongs, which would benefit their political party rather than the public. To be specific, Rabindra, who is a former national football team captain, always talks about a political party's agenda and does not talk about the public problem. So, he makes a bias decision toward the community as well as people. If he did not involve in a political group, he might have a just decision. In conclusion, the singer, as well as sportsmen, should not disclose their political opinion because it makes them less respectable person and they might make a bias decision. So. it is disadvantageous to all.
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