Always telling the truth is the most important consideration in any relationship between people.

I strongly believe that the base of any relationship depends on the truthfulness so I strongly believe that whatever relationship we share with others, veracity should be always there. There are several other aspects behind my notion, which are elaborated in the following essay. To begin with, to give meaning to someone's life, there are a few essential things. One of them is truth. By sharing the right things with others, it develops more trust amongst each other. For instance, being a medical expert, I know, how important it is for me that my patient shares a true reason for his pain and illness so that, I can do diagnosis properly and can provide prompt treatment. On the flip side, if he will deliver me a wrong cause for his problem, my intervention will not heal his pain which is neither good for him nor for me. So I always feel, truth is the most important essence in life. Furthermore, to make your bond strong with other people, a recipe called truthfulness gives you scrumptious food. Moreover, authenticity is healthy for brain, body and human behaviour. Once you share your true feelings to someone, you feel very light and relax. Let me tell you about my own incidence. When I was in college, I lost my new phone gifted by my parents. I was extremely sad and frightened that how would I tell to my mother that I have lost my cell phone. Then, next day with all my courage, I told the fact to them that I lost my mobile. And to my surprise, they not at all scold me. In fact, with a calm and cool voice, they told me that they will buy a new phone for me. Additionally,they will get a new locker system as well. You will not believe it I felt so relaxed after telling the truth. In nutshell, I would say it is a good idea to share truth with everyone because it will be beneficial for all. We can make everyone happy and strong,which indirectly saves many relationships.
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